flavrstream is a dedicated, informational food and cooking resource to help answer your everyday cooking questions. flavrstream was started because we wanted to build a website that could be an evergreen and living entity for those seeking to learn more about our massive world of food! Whether that’s learning how to hard boil your first egg, cooking rice pilaf, grilling a hangar steak, making sweet potato fries in an air fryer or deciding which mushrooms to use in your chicken marsala. We want to be here when you need your questions answered. 

We are a group of obsessive and passionate food lovers that live to learn and taste our world’s flavors. Our multi-cultural planet has an enormous amount of different flavor combinations and pairings that everyone can find something that they will truly enjoy. We intend on delivering a steady stream of content that will help open up new possibilities for you to experience. 

flavrstream is a constantly updated website so be sure to come back and visit to discover something new every day.

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