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Baking Sourdough Bread Without A Dutch Oven

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Do you want to bake sourdough bread but need a Dutch oven? The appliance can be expensive, but worry not, as you can still find a way to bake sourdough bread. Here are several options available to you.

Use The Slow Cooker For Baking Sourdough Bread

You must be surprised, but you can bake sourdough bread in a slow cooker. You will get different results and experiences than it won’t be like baking in the oven. But with time and practice, you will be an expert at it and get good rise and crust.

Baking Sourdough In Pyrex

One of the alternatives for a Dutch oven is pyrex. You can bake sourdough bread in pyrex too.

First, ensure that the Pyrex dish can bear the high heat while baking sourdough bread. Most pyrex dishes are rated for good heat resistance but ensure they can bear high heat.

To get results in a Dutch oven, use the Pyrex dish with a lid.

Please don’t put the hot pyrex dish on a cold surface when you remove it from the oven. To cool it down, place it on the stove. Due to sudden temperature changes, it will shatter.

Before using the pyrex dish, double-check whether the dough will fit.

Before baking the sourdough bread, measure the dish, so you do not squash the dough.

Bake Sourdough Bread With Baking Stones And Stock Pot

One or two baking stones will help you maintain heat in the oven. Technically, place one baking stone on the lower shelf. It’s where you will place your bread.

After that, place another baking stone on the highest shelf.

These baking stones are budget-friendly; you can get two for $70. Not only baking stones but a handy pizza peel will help you transfer the bread to the oven.

Apart from the baking stones, you will need a large stainless steel stock pot to keep your bread. This will create a steamy atmosphere, enhancing the bread’s quality.

How To Use A Stock Pot For Baking Sourdough Bread

  1. First, place the baking stone on the lowest shelf possible and a second stone on the highest shelf.
  2. Make sure your stock pot will fit in the oven, and check everything is okay before you preheat the oven.
  3. At least preheat the oven for around one hour.
  4. Take out the sourdough from the fridge and spray water on it.
  5. With the help of a peeler, transfer it from the bench top to the lower baking stone.
  6. Lock the steam by inverting the stock pot on the dough after placing it on the stone  
  7. Now it’s time to bake sourdough for 30 minutes by keeping the stock pot over the dough. After some time, remove the stock pot, and to crisp the crust turn down the heat for 10 minutes.


Here the article ends- with our amazing methods, you can easily bake sourdough bread without a Dutch oven.

With our easy-to-do methods, you can bake the yummiest bread in as same as the Dutch oven.

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