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How To Use A Santoku Knife?

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Having a good set of knives in your kitchen is a must. Every knife has its purpose.

For better cooking, you need the proper equipment. When you buy any knife, you should know its use.

The Santoku knife is used to chop vegetables or meat perfectly and accurately. This knife is super easy to use, and even beginners can work with it.

To know how to use the Santoku knife, keep reading.

What Can You Do With A Santoku Knife?

Santoku knives are used for cutting and chopping vegetables and meats as they can smoothly cut anything in the path.

In some parts of the world, people refer to these knives as meat cleavers or vegetable knives. The primary purpose of these knives is slicing and dicing. You can also use these knives for mincing garlic and chopping herbs.

How Do You Use A Santoku Knife

How Do You Use A Santoku Knife?

Honestly, using a Santoku knife is not rocket science. But you should learn how to use a Santoku knife with proper tactics.

The first thing you should work on is holding your knife correctly to spot the difference in your work.

Keep your upper arm at about 45 degrees to the surface and bend your elbow.

After that, put your forefinger on the back of the blade, then curl your other fingers and grip them firmly.

Before starting the food preparation, keep all ingredients ready and clean everything.

For cutting, keep the vegetables on any surface, such as a cutting board, so the vegetables stick to their place and won’t move.

Apart from the cutting board, you can also place food on the kitchen towel. Some foods can be tough to cut and chop due to slipping features.

Slippery food, like tomatoes, needs something below so things will be strictly in their place. For slippery things, a kitchen towel is the best thing.

What Are Other Uses For A Santoku?

Santoku has thin blades, so they work great when doing complex tasks. You can use this knife instead of a cleaver or chef’s knife for specific tasks.


Every kitchen must have a proper set of knives. Each knife has its purpose and value in the kitchen.

Out of all, the Santoku knife is best for cutting fruits and vegetables. But when you are cutting anything slippery, make sure to keep it on a hard surface.

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