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Nutribullet Vs. Magic Bullet: Which is Best in 2023?

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Two names may automatically come to mind when you think of personal blenders. The Nutribullet and the Magic Bullet blenders are popular brands in the food blender market. Both are designed to be super easy and convenient for home consumers, and both offer this function uniquely. We wanted to compare the two so that when you made your buying decision, you knew what you were getting into. Read the article below to compare Nutribullet vs. Magic Bullet and decide which is best for you.

Nutribullet Pro

We will first look at the Nutribullet and, more specifically, the Nutribullet Pro. The Nutribullet Pro is a high-speed blender with 13 different speed settings. It utilizes 900 watts of power and has a capacity of 32 ounces. To use this blender, fill the chamber with your ingredients, flip the container into the blender housing unit, push down, and twist to blend. The blades are designed to puree and blend ingredients, and not just soft foods, either. The Nutribullet Pro also can get through harder ingredients such as nuts, seeds, and harder fruits and vegetables.

The Nutribullet emphasizes itself as a nutrient extractor, being able to blend up the toughest ingredients to make a nutritious and perfectly smooth beverage. Its simple design allows easy use, and it is also very easy to clean due to the chamber size. The Nutribullet is useful as it is large enough to fit a couple of portions but is not so much of a hassle that it will take up a lot of physical footprint in your kitchen.  

The Nutribullet Pro is one of the four main blender models NutriBullet offers and is the most useful due to its size and capacity for blending. It provides a good amount of power with 900 watts and is a very useful tool for a busy consumer who is often on the go and needs a reliable, quality blender. With the blender container being easy to clean and use, it is definitely one you could immediately buy and rely on.

Nutribullet Pro


  • Easy-to-use design 
  • Blends through tough ingredients
  • Oversized blending containers


  • Some may want a bigger size chamber
  • No self-cleaning option for the blender
  • Blades can be cumbersome to clean hard-to-clean ingredients; may need to use a dish brush

Nutribullet pro blade
ColorsBlack, Blue, Champagne, Coral, Green, Berry Pink, Red, Rose Gold, Silver, Sky Teal, Violet, White
Weight4.7 lbs
MaterialStainless Steel, Plastic
Capacity32 oz
Dimensions 7.72″D x 12.01″W x 15.94″H
Warranty1 Year Limited, 4 Year Extended

Magic Bullet Personal Blender

The Magic Bullet is another popular, easy-to-use blender many tout as one they can rely on in their kitchen daily. This popular unit has a similar function to the Nutribullet, in that you fill a chamber and then turn it upside down and push to blend. The unit also has a small physical footprint in the kitchen, making it easy to store. This small size beats out the bulkiness of a traditional blender, making it much easier to maneuver around a kitchen space. 

The Magic Bullet Blender offers 250 watts of blending power and a capacity of 18 ounces. The system’s blending chamber is easy to clean as it can be easily removed and washed out. The Magic Bullet comes with a short and tall cup, which enables you to pick the right-sized cup for your recipe.

The Magic Bullet is used more for softer ingredients, such as those you would use in smoothies, shakes, and batters. Its user-friendly interface is a great option for those uncomfortable with kitchen appliances. It is also one of the most affordable personal blenders on the market, making it very popular for those shopping for a quality blender on a tighter budget. Overall, if you need a blender for basic functions such as making smoothies and want to keep a tight budget, The Magic Bullet Blender is the right choice for you.

Magic bullet personal blender


  • Smaller physical footprint blender in the kitchen
  • Relatively cheaper blender model on the market
  • Easy to clean


  • Lower wattage unit might not be as powerful as others on the market
  • Not specifically designed for harder ingredients such as hard nuts
  • Capacity of the blender is smaller

Magic bullet fits in small space
ColorsBlack, Silver
Weight4.14 lbs
Capacity18 oz
Dimensions4.01″D x 4.48″W x 11.61″H
Warranty1 Year Limited

Nutribullet vs. Magic Bullet: Which is the Best Personal Blender?

When comparing the two, the first major difference between the units is the absolute power the Nutribullet has compared to The Magic Bullet. Boasting 900 watts, the Nutribullet has 650 more watts of power, giving it much more power when blending and tackling tough ingredients. It also is specially designed for handling tougher ingredients such as nuts and other hard-to-blend items. It is this ability that could double the Nutribullet as a mini food processor as well. Additionally, the blending chamber for the Nutribullet is significantly larger, giving you more room to blend more food. 

On the other hand, the Magic Bullet is a great option for those on a budget. While it may not have the blending power of the Nutribullet, it is great for those who need a blender while also not wanting to spend as much money on one. It is a quality machine that will blend the basic ingredients and recipes you imagine it needs to be used for.

In review, the Nutribullet is a larger and more powerful blender. It offers more capacity and can handle much tougher ingredients. It is great for multiple portions of food and for those needing a more powerful blender that can work with tougher items. The Magic Bullet is great for those who need a smaller blender on a budget. It will serve your basic blending needs without breaking the bank.

Nutribullet vs. Magic Bullet


How is the Nutribullet different from a juicer?

The Nutribullet Pro blends whole fruits and vegetables, including pulp and fiber, into a smoothie-like consistency, while juicers extract only the juice from produce, leaving out the pulp.

Can the Nutribullet be used as a food processor?

Nutribullet Pro can be used as a food processor for tasks like chopping, dicing, milling, and grinding in small batches. However, due to its design differences, it’s less powerful than dedicated food processors and may have limitations with tougher ingredients and even processing.

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