Vibrant Pickled Lemonade Recipe

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I know what you are thinking but hear me out. This Pickled Lemonade recipe marries the sweetness of lemonade with the sour punch of a pickle in the best way. This refreshing drink will have your taste buds singing and will be sure to have you coming back for more. It is also a recipe that has a lot of room for experimentation and creativity, making it one to come back to again and again.

Pickles are so tasty due to their sour, tart flavor. To learn more about how cucumbers become a pickle, check out this article. For as long as pickles have been around though, it has not only been the pickle itself that has been used. Pickle juice is a highly flavorful ingredient when used in many different applications.

Pickled lemonade

The Flavor Behind Our Pickled Lemonade Recipe

The reason Pickled Lemonade works is because the sweetness of the sugar, the tartness of the lemon, and the sourness of the pickles all come together in a flavor affinity to excite the palate. Pickled Lemonade should be viewed as enhanced lemonade, a drink made better by offering more contrast and complementation to the base drink.

The Ingredients


Freshly made lemonade works best for this recipe. I will share a simple lemonade recipe below, but using fresh squeezed lemonade truly allows the flavor of the citrus to shine when made properly.

Pickle Juice

Any pickle juice will do, but my preferred would be dill pickle juice. The dill in the juice just adds a flavor that is nostalgic and blends very well with lemons. You can get creative with your pickle juice choices, but to start dill is the way to go.

For a spicy lemonade, using hot pepper pickle juice is a great option. For a sweeter, less sour juice, bread, and butter pickles are the best choice. The reality is that whatever your favorite pickle flavor is, the juice can be used to make this recipe. Be sure to experiment and have fun.


What will be keeping our drink refreshing and delicious is ice. Having cubes on hand is needed to make this recipe.

Pickle Spears or Chips

To garnish, having a pickle in the drink just adds a tasty bite to an already delicious drink. This simple garnish is a no-brainer and completes the recipe. A spear is ideal due to the size being easy to take out and eat. But chips are bite size and are less in volume to consume so it just depends on how many pickles you want as a garnish.

Pickled Lemonade: Your Go-To Summer Drink

This recipe is unique but also a no-brainer. Over the past few years, pickles within different foods have become a trend. From pizza to lemonade, pickles are claiming ground in the culinary landscape. This is best enjoyed on a hot summer day, maybe with some BBQ or fried foods.

However you drink your Pickled Lemonade, the flavor and customization is totally in your control. If you or someone you know is a fan of pickles, this sweet yet sour drink is perfect. Be sure to play around with the flavors and twerk the recipe to cater to your specific want of sweet vs. sour balance.

Pickled Lemonade



  • Pitcher


  • Lemonade

  • 10 oz Lemon Juice, Fresh

  • ½ C Granulated Sugar

  • 4 Cups of Water

  • Pickled Lemonade

  • 12 oz Dill Pickle Juice

  • 42 oz Lemonade

  • Ice

  • Pickle Spear or Chip for Garnish




Combine all ingredients into a pitcher and whisk until sugar is dissolved. Serve cold.

Pickled Lemonade

Combine Pickle Juice and Lemonade into a pitcher and whisk until blended.
Add ice until chilled and serve immediately. Garnish with a pickle if desired.
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