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When you think of great steakhouses, it should be no surprise that Ruth Chris comes to mind. Started by Ruth Fertel, this steakhouse group has grown to be one of the most popular in the country by far. And while steak is what they are most known for, their cheesecake is also an item that is extremely sought out.

This cheesecake is special as it includes Oreo cookies to deliver a rich and sweet dessert with crunchy bits of Oreos within. The key to this cheesecake is making a great crust, and smooth filling, and then topping it with delicious, crushed cookie pieces.

This cheesecake is so popular because it hits all of the notes of nostalgia and flavor. The cookie pieces bring you back to childhood, and the richness of the cheesecake satisfies and closes out any meal you have before eating it. It is a recipe worthy of one of the best steakhouses out there and for good reason.

Ruth Chris cheesecake

Making The Crust

Then crust in this recipe is made with melted butter and crushed Oreo pieces. It is important that the crust is wet enough to be able to hold together, but not too greasy as to leak out everywhere when baking. It is also important to crush the Oreos into small chunks to be able to form them easy, but not into a powder so that it is very porous. A little bigger than breadcrumbs is an ideal size.

Making The Filling

The key to a good cheesecake filling is ensuring there are no lumps in the batter and that everything is mixed thoroughly. You want a smooth, custard like finish to the cheesecake so that it holds up post baking and does not eat poorly. Be sure when making the batter to fully beat until there are NO lumps.

A Dessert For A Meal Or On It’s Own

This rich cheesecake is one that can be served after a delicious meal or one that can stand on its own. The cool part about this recipe is that it can be made well in advance and is able to sit for a day or two before serving if needed. You may also find you have extra cheesecake filling. If you are wondering what to do with leftover cheesecake batter, check out this article.

This simple recipe is a staple for a reason. It is easy to make and even easier to eat. As long as you follow the few steps labeled here, you will be making steakhouse quality Ruth Chris Cheesecake in no time!

Ruth Chris Cheesecake Recipe

prep time
15 min
total time
15 min


  • Stand mixer

  • Baking dish


  • Crust:

  • 1 ½ Cups Crushed Oreo Cookies, ¼ Cup For Topping

  • 4 oz Sugar

  • 4 oz Melted Butter

  • Filling:

  • 2 ½ Cream Cheese Packages, softened

  • ¾ Cup Sugar

  • ½ T Vanilla

  • ¼ C Cocoa Powder

  • 16 oz Whipped Cream


Mix the Oreo pieces, sugar and butter together until a crust is formed. Form into a baking dish to make a crust.
In a kitchen aid or stand mixer, beat cream cheese, vanilla, cocoa powder and sugar until fully smooth. Ensure there are no lumps.
Fold in the whipped cream by hand with a rubber spatula.
Fill the crust with the filling and let stand refrigerated for 4 hours.
Top with crushed Oreos and serve chilled.
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