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What Is A Rubber Spatula Used For?

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The rubber spatula is necessary, and multifunctional cooking equipment developed over time. A rubber scraper has evolved from its early use as a plate scraper to adopt new shapes and functions. A rubber spatula is a preferred tool for mixing and combing batters and other combinations, gently folding concoctions, and scraping out the interiors of bowls without disturbing the surface. Rubber spatulas are heat-resistant, simple to clean, and convenient to use, making them ideal for any activity in a kitchen.

Here are the uses of a rubber spatula:

Rubber Spatula Mixing Batter

Mixing Batter

While a rubber spatula is frequently used for baking and stovetop cooking, a steel spatula is more frequently used for grilling. The head’s modest curve is helpful when taking batter or crust out of a bowl or putting it in baking pans. This kind of spatula is helpful in these activities since it has a curved head and is slightly elastic. You may also employ this spatula style during the procedure if hand mixing is required.

When you can use the same instrument to whisk components together, there’s no need to dirty a different one. We adore the rubber spatula since it can easily scrape and stir items in a bowl and a hot pot, wok, or pan on the stove because it is stable at high temperatures.

High Heat Cooking

Rubber spatulas have many applications, including high-heat cooking, mixing and folding, and scraping sticky substances like sugar or rice. Rubber spatulas can also be made with broad, flat heads with wide slots in the center, in addition to the solidly curled head shape. These spatulas work best for stovetop cooking, for mixing sautéed or roasted items, and for turning food into a pot or skillet.

These spatulas’ broad heads, which are also slightly flexible, enable cooks to turn huge amounts of food at once instead of a firm curved-head spatula. A rubber spatula with a thin, flat head is used to ice cakes and cupcakes.

Cleaning Purposes

They are employed for mixing and, in some cases, scraping. They help clear out the contents of jars of products like peanut butter and mayonnaise. They assist you in ensuring that you have completely removed all of a semi-liquid food product from a plate or container. They won’t scratch the rims of bowls, dishes, and pans.


This item’s initial use was to clean bowls. The rubber spatula quickly and nearly effortlessly scoops up and transfers all those batter traces that still adhere to the bowl when using a wooden spoon. To use every last piece of butter and cream cheese, you can use its elastic head to scrape off the foil packaging. Included is the plate on which the chicken rests, from which you may scrape all the exquisite liquids spilled out to create the gravy.

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