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Why is My Quiche Watery? 3 Easy Ways to Fix It.

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3 Ways To Fix a Watery Quiche

Quiche is a staple of breakfast foods and a dish showcasing some talent in the kitchen by whoever has decided to make it. This popular breakfast item has been around for decades and has been made in a variety of different ways. But there is always one issue many face when creating this dish: it becomes too watery.

Let’s take a brief look into why this may be the case and some ways you can fix a watery quiche.

The Elements Of A Quiche

Before we get into how to fix a watery quiche, we first need to understand what exactly makes a quiche, well, a quiche. The four main elements are as follows:

  • Eggs
  • Filling
  • Baking Temperature

These four elements all constitute the success of a well-made quiche. If one of four of them is messed with or not aligned properly, then your quiche can fail. Now that we have the basics of this dish down, we can begin to troubleshoot the issues.

Fixing A Watery Quiche

Watery Ingredients

One of the first issues you can troubleshoot with is the ingredients you are using within the quiche. Let’s say for example you sauté mushrooms and want to add them in. If the mushrooms were cooked and cooled and released a lot of liquid, this in turn will lead to a watery quiche.

If your ingredients are too wet, they will mess with the egg/liquid ratio and the eggs will not have enough binding power in order to properly set and produce a quality quiche. The first fix to this is to choose ingredients that have been cooked properly and that are not super wet when added as a filling.

You can also cover the quiche when baking and try cooking it a little longer. A piece of aluminum foil over the top can help. But if there is too much liquid in the quiche due to the filling than choosing better on the next round is ideal.


Another simple fix is to ensure you are baking a quiche the full amount of time needed for it to set. A standard quiche takes about 30-40 minutes in the oven at 350F. The way to tell if it is done is by checking that the edges are set and there is still a slight jiggle in the middle. If you are pulling the quiche out before 30 minutes at this temp or keep opening the oven door to check you could be ruining the quiche.

Be sure to let the quiche cook, and if it is undercooked then place it back in the oven until you see what is described above as done. On the flip side, overcooking a quiche can also make it watery. Over time the proteins in the eggs will firm up and release water, causing a watery egg mess in your oven. Be sure to time your quiche and cook only as long as needed.

Wrong Liquid To Egg Ratio

Milk and eggs are key ingredients in a quiche. The standard ratio is 1 part egg to 2 parts dairy. If you have a watery quiche, then you most likely have not measured appropriately. If your quiches come out watery, ensuring more egg is added and the ratio is correct is the only way to fix this. Proper planning and measurements fix this common mistake.

In Conclusion

A watery quiche is a shame. But with the proper weighing of ingredients, sound method, and awareness of the moisture of any added fillings you will be on your way to baking a perfectly set quiche. Use these three common mistakes as a guideline when baking your next quiche.

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